OXY2-SH - OXY2 Sh - Edition 2021

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Oxy Heli by Lynx

The Oxy Helicopter project is a natural evolution for Lynx Helicopters. Experience gained over many years of producing high quality upgrades has placed us in a unique position to enter the helicopter market. Our upgrades have been passionately developed by a core team of engineers and designers, delivering several breakthrough products which improved performance, reliability and maintenance costs of many helicopters. We see the market for small helicopters growing. Flybarless systems have allowed flight characteristics to mimic much larger models, and small brushless motors really pump out the power! It is relatively easy to produce a new helicopter. But much more challenging to design one which can be easily repaired and fly well again after a crash. Here at Oxy, were not only engineers and designers – we are pilots, and have a clear vision what both 3D pilots and sport pilots require in a helicopter!

The Oxy Helicopter – the Lynx Division

Using the feedback gained from the upgrade market, our unique consolidated design and manufacturing practices, access to the best materials, a huge team of enthusiast supporters and test pilots from all over the world, as well as a powerful distributor network, Lynx Heli has decided to meet market demand for high performance helicopters by forming Oxy Helicopters. We will foster open collaboration with dealers and customers in the community to have the best designs possible.

Our Philosophy: Top Performance and Quality First!

There is a market emerging for high performance helicopters in the 180 to 350mm blade size. Customers don’t want a whole package – they want to pick preferred components like FBL system, blades, motors, servos, ESC, etc. Oxy Helicopters will have top-class, explosive performance, fitting for the best 3D pilots in the world. They will also appeal to sport pilots looking for a high quality, versatile product which is simple to build, maintain and set-up, with clean lines and is crash tolerant. The Oxy Helicopter project is the synthesis of years of ideas. We keep our helicopters simple, robust, light, and of a distinctive style.

The Oxy 2  SH - 2021 - the Myth Evolution

Oxy 2 SH is the Oxy Heli answer for who want an Oxy 2 Kit Lightweight and Economical on Spares management, but without performance compromize. Comes already with Stretched Boom, that means you can fly from 190mm up to 215mm. Kit include Carbon Fiber 205 mm Main Blade and 38 and 41mm Plastic Tail Blade.

Oxy 2 SH is the evolution of all Oxy 2 model that we offer untill now. We keep the best knowed but we update Main Frame, for bigger motors and STD FBL Options. Main Grip are CNC Aluminum and the KIT comes with 205mm Carbon Fiber Main Blade.

Our first intent was offer a new Oxy 2 KIT in 2021 with some update that made difference for the Pilot, in terms of powers and fly feeling.

Oxy 2 SH Edition keep the best of all previous edition, and with thenew update parts assure ultimate performance from the box, without need of any upgrade.

Oxy 2 Sport is an amazing Oxy Heli, in small package, to be with you anytime and fly anywhere, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum CNC Black Anodize and exotic Techno Polymer Carbon Filled material assure the best performance and made the Oxy 2 SH an icon on the Mini Heli Sectors.

Oxy 2 SH isn’t scared of anything, lightweight with amazing Tail performance will made you thrust that is possible enjoy the 3D fly in just Mini package.

Because in OXY we always thinks to Pilot , Customers and Dealers, once a new edition is released we try to keep best compatibility with previous edition, the new SH Edition keep mostly of all spares and give options to update the olld edition with all new parts.

• Main features

- Heli designed for intense (insane) 3D performance.

- Ultra rigid CF frame with low screw count, super easy to assembly and service.

- Double main shaft supports with innovative adjustable servo size options.

- Aluminum CNC and top Quality Injection Molded Techno Polymers Carbon Fiber Filled Parts.

- Lightweight, Big Canopy Volume for high visibility. High-end Fiber Glass Canopy.

- Innovative Lynx-Oxy Cyclic Servo Diagram that keep all three servos always visible and easy serviceable.

- Innovative Landing Gear System with Left and Right ultra-fast releasing Skids.

• Main rotor

- CNC Aluminum Main Grip

- Semi rigid DFC head system for precise performance. Innovative Lynx-Oxy Semi rigid Dampening System.

- Double Radial Bearing and Thrust bearings on Main Grip.

- Oversize hardened spindle.

- Ball raced 120° CCPM – Innovative Lynx-Oxy Serviceable Swash Plate.

- Swashplate linkages with optimized geometry.

• Tail system

- Double Radial Bearing on Tail Grip.

- Belt drive tail (low parts count and low crash cost).

- Innovative delta box tail boom with no requirement for boom supports.

- Tail optimized to minimize vibration and servo load at high tail speed

- Rigid carbon fiber 1.5mm diameter tail push rod for the increased tail control.

Electronics & Power system – not included on the Kit

- Battery tray fits a variety of battery packs 3s -4s (600 to 1350 mAh) , Max Dimension: Length 72mm - High 25mm - With 35mm – 115gr.

- ESC support suitable for 25 to 33A ESC – suggested: CC Talon 25 – HW 30.

- Motor Options: SH Edition offer more Motor size options from 1611 to 2206 / 3400 to 5000 kv

- Hardened Steel Pinion included in the kit: 11T 2mm Shaft and 13T 2.5mm Shaft (Oxy Lynx also offer aoptional pinions; click here for Pinion Options).

- Suitable for Sub Micro or Glider Cyclic and tail servos.

Suggested Cyclic Servos:

- Lynx LX9004 - Lynx Servo DS-895-HV

- Lynx LX1817 - Lynx Servo DS-895-HV_Aluminum CNC Case - 3PC Set 


- KST X08 or 245MG

- MSK DS450

Note: Other Servo can fit, for fully compatibility servo check User Manual Servo Size.

Suggested Tail  Servos:

- Deko Tail Servo 1102

- LX3005 - 760us Tail Servo Blue Arrow H0988UHS-I


- Spektrum H3060 or

- Blue Arrow D1680UPS-HV

- MKS DS480

- Note: Other Servo can fit, for fully compatibility servo check User Manual Servo Size

- Smart and clean electronic wiring set up.

- Smart and protected FBL unit position, SH Edition offer more space for STD size FBL System


Specifications :

- Length: 415mm Height: 138mm Width: 70mm

- Main rotor blade length: from 190mm to 215mm

- Tail blade length: from 38mm to 41mm

- Main gear: 113T 0.4 Mod – Straight Tooth

- Wide head speed range: 3500 for sport flying up to 6000 for insane 3D

- Tail gear ratio 3.437 (16T pulley) , optional Tail Shaft Pulley 15T for low Head Speed set up

- Approximate RTF weight: 320g with 3s 800mAh battery– suitable for 3 minutes of intense 3D at 5500rpm



Oxy 2  Sport Kit with DFC Head System.

Fiber Glass Canopy

Aluminum CNC Main Grip

Swash Plate Plastic / Aluminum CNC

New SH Edition Carbon Fiber Main Frame (larger motor and FBL System Options)

Carbon Fiber Main Blade 205mm – Black Color.

Plastic Tail Blade 38mm, Back Color.

Plastic Tail Blade 41mm, Back Color.

Colored Tail Fin Sticker (Yellow – White – Orange - Green)

Swash Plate / Tail Pitch Slider Lever Tools with Zero Pitch function

Serial Number Card – Registration Serial Number in www.oxyheli.com , every 3 month we will extract a serial number from our registered data base that win 200 usd coupon to spend in our web site Lynx Heli Innovations www.lynxheli.com.